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It happened the same way as it did for many others: on a birthday in 1978 our descent became a topic and shortly after I made my first steps in family research. From the beginning I worked together with my brother. Both of us were caught by the genealogy virus and since that time we are active in this field. In the early ninetees we started using a computer (word processing and some genealogical software) and in 1996 I began browsing around on the internet.

More and more visitors on these pages and the enlargement of my internet activities -in co operations with Hein Vera- with the site FAQ Genealogie Benelux lead to some radical changes. In April 2000 a separation is made between the results of my own genealogical research and the activities supporting many genealogical interested people. Roughly the first group of activities is placed at this domain and the more supporting pages can be found at the domain

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I wish you a lot of pleasure with all these pages!

Herman de Wit.


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